Why You Should Fix Your Foundation Damage Right Away


Foundation Damage

Foundation Damage Can Be Scary, but We Are Here to Help!

There are many different signs that your foundation is in desperate need of a repair. In a separate blog post, we go over all of those signs, but once you notice those, what next steps should you take? A foundation problem can sound very intimidating. They can be expensive and lengthy if you don’t do your homework ahead of time. We want to get your foundation back to the way it should be and help it be the easiest process possible. It is important that as soon as you notice the signs of foundation damage, you call us out to get it looked at, here’s why.


Reasons to Fix the Damage

Time: The more time that passes on a foundation problem, the worse off and more expensive that it is going to be. The problem is that the foundation controls a lot more than you think. When it starts to move, it causes damage to things like drywall and even plumbing. The sooner you spot it, the quicker we can stop it.

Homes move: What we mean by this is that during every season, a home will move with the changing environment. During the hotter months the foundation moves down, and during the wet cold months, the ground swells up. If you don’t have the proper repairs, it can cause even more damage to the rest of your home.

Are you moving?: If you plan to move anytime soon, you will want to have the home inspected for any kind of foundation damage, before the new owners have it inspected and put off your home buying process. If damage is found, they may back out, or have to wait to buy the home from you.

All of these and more are reasons why you need to get your home’s foundation fixed right away. These are not problems that will go away if ignored, they will only get worse, and more expensive. Call us today at 817-400-7625 and we will be happy to help by answering questions or having someone out to inspect your home for you.