What is a Foundation Inspection?

A foundation inspection should take about 1.5 hours to complete.

Home & Foundation Inspection Services

A home is only as good as the foundation. Whether you have a new home purchase or you are concerned about the state of your current foundation, the best thing you can do is schedule a foundation inspection. Your foundation is the literal base of your home and can dictate the strength or weakness of other structural features within your home. Making sure that the foundation is structurally safe is critical.

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What is a Foundation Inspection?

The process for a foundation inspection is the same for a new home purchase as well as for a home that you have owned for a period of time. A detailed explanation of the process will be outlined later, but in general, a foundation inspection is pretty much what it sounds like.

An inspector will come out to your home to inspect the interior and exterior of your home and the foundation for evidence of damage, shifts, and more. It’s important to note, an inspection does not include repairs. The inspection is to determine if there is damage and the steps that should be taken to make repairs. Another important note is that, not just anyone can perform foundation inspection services.

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Foundation damages can affect multiple areas of your home.

Home Inspection Foundation Issues

When deciding whether or not to schedule a foundation inspection, there are a few things you, the homeowner, can look for. These will be many of the same things an inspector will look for during an inspection.

  • Cracks: in the foundation and walls
  • Foundation settling/sinking: areas where you foundation appears to be lower, creating uneven flooring, could indicate settling. This is also evident with decks or porches that are sagging.
  • Upheaval: sometimes the opposite is true and spots with foundation upheaval due to excess moisture, expanding/contracting soil, and more.
  • Sticky doors/doors that don’t close: doors that stick when opening and closing could be sign of foundation issues
  • Gaps: gaps around windows and exterior door frames may indicate foundation shifting or settling in ways that are negatively affecting the interior of your home.
  • Damp crawl space: excessive moisture in a crawl space can indicate current or soon-to-be issues with your foundation.
  • Separations: counters and cabinets separating from the walls are a result of foundation damage.

Foundation damage can affect multiple areas of your home, like the electrical system as well as the plumbing in your home. It’s important to have a foundation inspection done as soon as possible to protect your investment, including appliances like your furnace or water filtration system.

How is a Foundation Inspection Done

Foundation inspections are not as daunting as they may seem. A foundation inspection for a home purchase or for general maintenance will generally follow the same checklist. In total, an inspection should take about one and half hours and will follow a process similar to this.

The Process:

  • Interview
    • The start of any foundation report should begin with a brief survey. The inspector will need to get an understanding of when damage was noticed, how long it has been going on, and more.
  • Floor elevation survey
    • Before any other tests or observations, the inspector will go through to collect a floor elevation data, to correlate with the floor elevation and damages. This is a critical step and should always be conducted during a foundation inspection.
  • Visual observations
    • Next, the inspector will then go through to thoroughly examine both the interior and exterior of your home for evidence of foundation damage, cracks, separations, etc.
  • Leaning test
    • For the leaning test, the inspector will look at door frames, cabinets, trim and walls to determine if anything is leaning or listing.
  • Forensic Analysis
    • Damage and foundation movement can be the cause of things difficult to see with the naked eye. An inspector should always conduct a forensic test to determine if things like poor grading or standing water near the foundation are causing damage and/or shifting.
  • Conclusion/Recommendations
    • Once complete, your inspector should finish with a follow up, explaining their findings as well as their recommendations for repairs and maintenance.
  • Report
    • This report will detail the observations and findings during the foundation inspection process, including the floor elevation.

Foundation inspections are the first step in getting your foundation repaired. The foundation report should provide a rough estimate of what it will cost overall, but each home is different. For competitive pricing, foundation inspection, and foundation repair services, Solid Rock Foundation Repair in Dallas-Fort Worth Area, TX is the company to contact.

A licensed engineer will be able to sign off on a foundation report, which can help you if you need to file a claim with your insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get foundation inspected?

  • In the DFW area, it can cost between $300-$600 for a foundation inspection. That price does not include the cost to repair damages, only to have your foundation inspected and a report written.

How long does a foundation inspection take?

  • Most foundation inspections should last about one and a half hours.

Does home inspection include foundation?

  • Yes, home inspections go over everything from the roof to the foundation.

What is a foundation report?

  • A foundation report is a detailed evaluation that provides recommendations of how to fix or repair the structure of a homeowners foundation.

How much does foundation repair cost?

  • The range for repairs is great, but general homeowners should expect to pay in the ballpark of $5,500 for foundation repairs.

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