What Are the Signs of a Bad Foundation?

A Cracked Brick Wall Due to Foundation Settlement.

What Causes Foundation Issues?

When we want the structure of our home to be in good condition, we need a stable foundation. The foundation is what holds up a home and make sure the entire structure doesn’t collapse. When there is damage to a home, the foundation can still make sure that the inhabitants are protected and safe. Because of how crucial it is, its important that your home’s foundation is in good shape. Unfortunately, foundations can become damaged over time. There are several things that can cause foundation problems such as plumbing leaks, poor drainage, soil expansion and contraction, high or low soil moisture, and poor soil compaction for construction. All of these things can contribute to your home’s foundation becoming damaged. When the foundation is damaged, it will need professional foundation repair. But when do you need to call someone for foundation repair? Here are signs your foundation is damaged.

  • Exterior and Interior Cracks: Many people ask, “Is a crack in the foundation bad?” and the answer is yes. Cracks in the actual foundation are bad, as well as cracks forming on walls, windows, and floors. All of these are signs you need your foundation repaired.
  • Doors Sticking or Not Closing: Another reason you need foundation repair is when your doors are sticking or not closing. These problems can affect the interior or exterior doors of your home.
  • Gaps Around Walls and Windows: When the foundation starts to pull away, then it can cause the walls and windows to gap. This can also happen to doors, as well.
  • Structure Sinking or Settling: Have you noticed that one side of your home is a little bit lower than the other side? This could be a sign that your foundation is starting to settle or sink.
  • Sloping Floors: Issues that are affecting the pier and beam foundation can cause your floors to slope, dip, bow, or sag. This is something that needs to be checked out right away.

What Are Signs of Structural Damage to House?

Whenever there is structural damage to a home, this usually means that foundation repair and house leveling is needed. Some of the most common structural damages to a home that can indicate that repairs are needed for your foundation are gaps in windows, walls, and doors, outside stairs pulling away from your home, cracks in your exteriors walls, cracks in your interior walls, windows, floors, nails popping out, gaps in the floor, walls, and ceiling, sloping and bouncing floors, and windows and doors that stick or won’t close. There are many other signs that foundation repair is needed, but those are the most common structural damages that can affect a home when there are issues with your home’s foundation.

Can Foundation Issues Be Fixed?

When you have foundation issues, the good news is that they can be fixed. Many homeowners who are needing foundation repair tend to ask, “How hard is it to fix foundation problems?” It will depend on what type of issue, what type of repair is needed, and what type of material your foundation is made of. For example cracks in concrete slab might cost more than they would if it were a pier and beam foundation. People who have cracks in their foundation typically ask, “When to repair foundation cracks?” and the answer is whenever you see cracks show up in your foundation. At the first sight of foundation cracks, foundation repairs will be needed right away. This will prevent extensive repairs for your foundation. Based on the extent of the damage will determine if sealing, stabilizing, leveling, or piering are needed.

Foundation Repair Vs Replacement

Cracks in Foundation and Brick Wall.

Which One Do You Need?

People who are having issues with their foundation might think that a whole replacement is the best solution. While replacing your foundation means that you have a foundation that is brand new and doesn’t have issues, that doesn’t necessarily mean that its the best choice. For one, foundation replacements are incredibly invasive and noisy. It will require excavating the soil around your home, then the structure of your home if lifted in order to remove the foundation, and then rebuild the foundation. This requires a lot of equipment and time, which can be pretty disruptive. Foundation repair for home is the better option when it comes to foundation damages because they don’t take very long, they don’t cost as much, and they are able to fix any issue just as well as a foundation replacement. If you need foundation repair in Dallas-Fort Worth Area, TX, please call the team at Solid Rock Foundation Repair. Just like you wouldn’t call an inexperienced residential roofer in Tyler, TX for roof repairs, you don’t want to call an amateur for foundation repairs. To make an appointment with our professionals, please call our office at 817-400-7625. We are able to repair different types of foundations and issues that your foundation might be dealing with.