Signs of Poor Foundation Drainage

Downspout Drainage

Downspouts Overflowing From Rainfall Can Create Excess Water In Your Basement

The difference between a minor drainage problem, and a major one, can be thousands of dollars. It’s important to locate problems like this before they get out of hand. Solid Rock Foundation Repair offers foundation drainage services to residents of D/FW. We can help you with every aspect of your foundation. If you are worried that an expensive problem could be on the horizon, look for these signs of poor foundation drainage:

Foundation Cracks

You may see a minor crack in your home’s foundation. Sometimes, this can be wear and tear and not lead to further damage. However, if the crack grows larger, it is a tell tale sign of drainage problems in your foundation. In a case like this, a full structural inspection will be required to determine the subsequent course of action.

Gutter Irregularity

If the water streaming from your gutter resembles a waterfall, you are likely having drainage problems. But you don’t have to wait until it gets to that point. Examine your gutters for mud and dirt buildup on the exterior. Additionally, look for chipped paint and any other sign of structural damage to your gutter system.

Overflowing Downspout

If your downspout is overflowing with water, you are putting your foundation in serious jeopardy. Excessive water flow can infiltrate the basement of your home, and cause water damage to your foundation. In addition, it can ruin flooring, as well as furniture being stored in your basement. Call 817-400-7625 for foundation drainage services.