Slab Foundation Repair

Slab Foundation Repair

Get High-Quality Slab Foundation Repair in Fort Worth, TX!

Slab foundation is one of the most important elements of our home. It is necessary to prevent your home from flooding or having dangerous gases leak in your home. Unfortunately, there will be times when you will need slab foundation repair. At Solid Rock Foundation Repair, we are here to provide high-quality slab foundation repairs for customers in Dallas-Fort Worth Area, TX. One of our biggest objectives has always been to put our customers first, and we do that by repairing homes to look and function way better than before. We are able to do this because we hire experienced workers and use only innovative tools and equipment to get your slab foundation in peak condition. If you have any issues with your home’s foundation, give us a call today at 817-400-7625 for slab foundation repair in Dallas-Fort Worth Area, TX.

When we work on your slab foundation repair, there are a few methods we are able to use. Depending on where your home is built and how extensive the repairs are will determine what kind of foundation repair method we use. The most common slab foundation repair methods that we use are.

Poly Foam Jacking: This is a very reliable method that is used for lighter concrete slabs such as Driveways, Patios, or sidewalks to raise them to level again. This is done by injecting polyurethane foam under the concrete slab. This foam fills the voids and compacts loose soil while expanding and raising the slab. This method is not sufficient for slabs that bear substantial loads, such as house slabs, etc.

Slab Piers: In order to stabilize your home we use slab piers. Slab piers are installed in the soil under your concrete foundation; the slab piers help lift the foundation and give it more support.

If you need more information about slab foundation repairs in Dallas-Fort Worth Area, TX, feel free to call Solid Rock Foundation Repair today at 817-400-7625. We are ready to work with your to get your slab foundation in better shape.