Root Barrier Installation

root barriers in Fort Worth, TX and Dallas, TX

Protect Your Home and Driveway with Root Barriers

Are tree roots wreaking havoc on your driveway, sidewalks, pipes, or foundation? Call Solid Rock Foundation Repair today and ask about our professionally installed root barriers in Dallas-Fort Worth Area, TX and surrounding areas! Roots can pose serious problems on your property, from broken concrete to busted water lines. Our root barriers are designed to keep roots from rampaging across your property, without removing the trees you love! Call us today at  817-400-7625 to learn more, or to find out how soon we can set up your home with a protective root barrier system.

What Is A Root Barrier?

A root barrier is a form of underground protection against the destruction caused by roaming tree roots. There are several different types of root barrier available on the market, including solid walls made of concrete, which can last indefinitely, chemically treated soil, which lasts about 5 years, and sheets of material that form a sort of blockade. At Solid Rock Foundation Repair, our root barriers are made from a plastic membrane that can last for decades after installation. With three layers, these membranes are incredibly resilient and offer reliable long term protection against roots. Because these membranes are plastic, they can also function as barriers against moisture.

How Does It Work?

After you call our foundation experts, a professional will come out and evaluate your landscape. At this time, they will determine the design of your root barrier, and provide you with an estimate. Next, we will send out a crew to dig the appropriate trenches in the required areas. After the trenches are dug, we install the plastic membrane within the trenches. When the membranes are successfully installed in the proper perimeter, we will return the soil to the trenches.

Tree roots, while generally recognized as a potential hazard to residential homes, are often wildly underestimated. Tree roots have the potential to costs hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to repair. A busted water line beneath your home could take hours to notice, and waste gallons and gallons of water. Just as bad, a root could cause foundation problems, which could cost you thousands in repairs as well.

Don’t hesitate! Call the experts at Solid Rock Foundation Repair today, at 817-400-7625!