Steel Pier Foundation Repair

Steel piers work to stabilize the foundation of an entire structure.

You’ve found the best steel pier foundation repair for your home in Fort Worth, TX and Dallas, TX and surrounding areas! We know that It’s important to keep your home’s foundation sturdy and secure. We also know that quality repair services are hard to come by. These two pieces of knowledge have led Solid Rock Foundation Repair to provide home foundation repairs of an unparalleled expertise. We pride ourselves on the level of commitment we maintain to our customers. From start to finish, our acceptance of a job to its completion, you can count on us for quality service. For more about steel pier foundation repair in Fort Worth, TX and Dallas, TX, contact Solid Rock Foundation Repair today at 817-400-7625!

Steel Pier Foundation Repair

We understand that you want the highest quality materials and best service available. Believe us when we say that we will never let you down, especially when it comes to steel pier foundation repair.

At Solid Rock Foundation Repair, we employ the patented ECP Steel Pier™. These piers belong to a group of foundation repair products sometimes called push piers, micro piles, or resistance piers. The ECP Steel Pier stands as the gold standard among all piering methods in the foundation repair industry.

Steel Pier Installation

Concerned about the installment procedure?  You never need to worry about damage to your structure, as we will treat your home like it’s ours.

Steel piers get driven individually, and the entire structure functions as a harmonious whole. A friction reduction collar gets affixed to the lead section of every galvanized pier pipe. This collar makes a breach in the ground with a wider diameter than the pier pipe itself.

Thanks to the collar, the surface friction gets reduced dramatically on the pier pipe as it is driven into the soil. Our team can then load the test weight and verify that the pier has the sturdiness to support its designated load. Throughout the load transfer, high pressure hydraulic jacks get placed at several locations, which reduces the load on individual resistance piers. The hydraulic jacks get synchronized through the ECP Manifold System to provide a comprehensive lift that stabilizes the structure.

If you want to prevent your home from becoming a safety hazard thanks to a shaky foundation, then have sturdy steel piers installed today! For a steel pier foundation repair in Fort Worth, TX and Dallas, TX call us today at 817-400-7625.