Concrete Pier Foundation Repair

We offer full repair services for your concrete piers.

Get quality concrete pier foundation repair for your home in Dallas-Fort Worth Area, TX and surrounding areas! We understand the importance of a rock solid foundation for a home. We also know that honest and unparalleled repair services aren’t easy to find. That is why Solid Rock Foundation Repair offers home foundation repairs that you can count on. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, and we never give less than 100 percent on a project. You can count on us for quality and satisfaction. For more about concrete pier foundation repair in Dallas-Fort Worth Area, TX contact Solid Rock Foundation Repair today at 817-400-7625!

Concrete Pier Foundation Repair

Concrete piers are often a good choice, because of its adaptability and it’s lower cost to install. However Steel piers have the ability to drive to load bearing strata, and therefore, are a more permanent solution to your foundation problems. We offer full repair services for your concrete pier foundation so that your home can stand the test of time.

Concrete Pier Installation

concrete pier foundation

Sunk deep into the soil, this concrete pier will provide stability for years.

Concrete pressed pilings are the most commonly used foundation repair method across North Texas. This installation technique is specifically designed for the expansive clay soils that Texas is known for. If your home’s piers were installed through any other method, we encourage you to contact us today for maintenance options.

How does concrete pier installation work? Our team of expert repairmen dig a roughly two-foot square hole beside the exterior wall of your home. This hole is also dug downward typically between three to five feet beneath ground level, and then inward to expose the perimeter beam of the foundation.

Once the hole is complete, we place prefabricated concrete cylinders at the bottom of the hole beneath the perimeter beam. We position a 40-ton hydraulic ram between the top of the cylinder and the perimeter beam and press the cylinders into the ground using the force of the ram and the weight of the house.

If you want to prevent your home from developing into a safety hazard from the effects of an unlevel foundation, have us install concrete piers today! Keep the foundation of your home strong and durable. For concrete pier foundation repair in Dallas-Fort Worth Area, TX, call us today at 817-400-7625.