Foundation Leak Repair

Foundation Leak Repair

Whatever Type of Foundation Leak You Have, Solid Rock Foundation Repair Is Here For You!

The foundation of your home ensures that your home is completely secure. With a solid foundation, not only will your house not hold up, but it will be more vulnerable to flooding, air seeping in your home, and your house moving due to shifting. Because a good home foundation keeps water at bay, it is important to call an expert foundation technician when you are experiencing foundation leaks. At Solid Rock Foundation Repair, we are here to provide quality foundation leak repair to get your home back to a sturdy state. Our homes are an essential part of our lives, so getting the foundation repaired is of the utmost importance. Call us today at 817-400-7625 for foundation leak repair in Burleson and Fort Worth, TX that will last a lifetime.

There are a number of leak repairs that we are able to take on to guarantee our customer’s homes don’t sink into the ground.

Leak Repairs
While we are experts in foundation leak repair including slab leaks, we also provide leak repairs for your pipes and sewer lines.

Water Slab Leaks
Slab leaks usually occur when there is a leak in your water plumbing line. We are able to fix this by using a listening device and electronic line locator to identify where the slab leak is located. If there is a slab leak under your home, we use a slab infiltration to make repairs.

Under Slab Leak
There are areas in the state of Texas that have clay soil. This type of soil is notorious for causing a lot of damage to a home’s foundation. While it is a huge problem, the team at Solid Rock Foundation is here to help.

Sewer & Drain Slab Leaks
When you have a sewer or drain slab leak, we are able to detect where they are by using an in-line sewer camera. This is to ensure we know exactly where the leaks are located. We will usually use a slab infiltration to make any repairs.

If you need foundation leak repair in Burleson and Fort Worth, TX, please call our exceptional foundation repair company today at 817-400-7625.