How Do Inspectors Check Foundation?

foundation inspection

How Do Inspectors Check Foundation?

Are you wondering how inspectors check a foundation? For an exterior foundation inspection, the inspector of your foundation will review water drainage, landscaping, and irrigation. If there are any cracks and fissures on the exterior walls, those will be noted. If there is crumbling concrete or degraded building materials, those will also be recorded. Any problems with the foundation need to be reviewed meticulously in order to file a good report. The report will help deduce what repairs are needed for the foundation and how those repairs will be achieved.

Who Can Check House Foundations?

If you need to have your foundation checked, it is important for you to be able to contact the right people. The Certified Foundation Repair Specialist, also known by the acronym, C.F.R.S., is certified by the National Foundation Repair Association, which is also known by the acronym, NFRA. The NFRA created a program many decades ago to identify people within the foundation repair community who have displayed a persistent awareness and a dedication to the high standards of the NFRA. This association provides credentials that go beyond the normal level of fieldwork competency.

Should I Have a Structural Engineer Inspection?

All foundations shift a little over time. Fine, small cracks are to be expected. However, if the cracks are a quarter of an inch or larger in size, and if you observe bowing foundation walls or movement of any kind, a structural engineering inspection could greatly benefit you.

How Do You Inspect a Concrete Slab Foundation?

Are you looking to have an inspection of your concrete slab foundation? It’s important for you to have a broad view of what that entails.

  • The exterior of your home will be surveyed. You can check the foundation walls by sighing down from one end. 
  • Be sure to look for areas that lean or bulge. This can indicate an uneven load on the foundation. 
  • It’s important to note during this process that the foundation walls and the home walls should be flush and level.

If you have noticed that your foundation may be exhibiting some issues, it is important for you to have your foundation inspected sooner rather than later.

Can You Live in a House With Foundation Problems?

If you are currently living in a home with foundation problems, it is important for you to have it inspected as soon as possible. This is because while it is true that you can live in a house with foundation problems, it does not help the resale value whatsoever. Before you sell the home, it is important for you to get the foundation issues resolved beforehand.

How is a Foundation Inspection Done

If you haven’t had a home inspection done, it will be important for you to understand how the process occurs. It usually involves meeting with a contractor. The contractor will check your foundation elevations and also perform a visual evaluation of your home. The visual evaluation of your home will include observing and recording foundation cracks, damaged walls and floors, and any other signs of trouble.

How Long Does Foundation Inspection Take 

Your time is important, which is why it is critical for you to understand how much time to allocate for your foundation repair. According to a leading foundation repair resource, it can take up to two hours. That is because foundation repair specialists want to be methodical in their processes. Homeowners ultimately benefit when their foundation is repaired correctly.

How to Read a Foundation Inspection Report

If you haven’t heard what a foundation inspection report is, it will be important for you to discover more about what a foundation inspection report entails. An engineer’s report will outline any recommendations regarding foundation repair and all the things that are aligned with it. Topics on the foundation inspection report may include plumbing tests, installing roof barriers to protect the foundation from trees, sloping the soil around your foundation, and installing piers to reduce slab deflection.

foundation inspection

How to Dig a Foundation Inspection Pit

Foundation inspection pits are important to the process of a foundation repair. But how exactly are they done? An inspection pit is done by an experienced foundation inspection crew. In order to understand more about the process, it is important to discuss the specifics of your foundation inspection pit with an experienced foundation repair company. There will be small variations from project to project. A good foundation repair company will have the experience, expertise, tools, and materials for the project beforehand, and they will be insured as well. This last stipulation is especially important just in case anything goes wrong.

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