Having Your House Leveled

Your home is built on a foundation that is supposed to last for a very long time. Usually, there aren’t ever any issues while you live there, especially if the home is newer. That being said, older homes, especially ones that have been built around the 1920’s, have a tendency to move around over time. This is nothing that anyone did wrong, it is just the way that the ground moves over time. Over time, the ground underneath your slab will begin to move due to weather, time, erosion, and many other factors. The house will also start to wear and because of those things, you may need to have your house leveled.

What Can Happen

When your home begins to slide or become uneven, it can start to cause damage to the inside of your house. If the foundation is not sturdy and level, the walls in your home can begin to crack right in front of you. It can also cause problems to your drainage and plumbing systems as well.

Can It Be Leveled?

When this kind of thing is happening to you, there is something that can be done. A house leveling could be the answer you have been looking for. It is important that when you begin to notice this happening, that you call a professional right away to get it taken care of before more damage is done. Although this process can be rather expensive, it is something that must be done or your house will not function as it should and will become hazardous to live in.

If your home seems to appear uneven or you know that you need your house leveled, give Solid Rock Foundation Repair a call at (817) 400-7625 and we will be happy to go over everything with you.