Rain Storms, Slab Leaks, & Cracks, Oh My!

Foundation Protection

Protect Your Home With Effective Gutters and Proper Draining Preparations!

If you are like many North Texas homeowners, you live with the constant threat of flash flooding and foundation damage. How you prepare will have a dynamic effect on your property’s long-term value. Will your home be the victim of extensive foundation damage? Not if you follow these foundation protection guidelines!

What Causes Foundation Damage?

The number one enemy of your foundation is moisture. Heavy rain and poor draining can cause a multitude of moisture-related problems, including…

  • Interior Flooding
  • Mold and Mildew Growth
  • Foundation Shifting and Cracking
  • and Slab Leaks

When it comes to foundation damage, one of the most frequent causes is expanding soil. This occurs when the dirt, clay, etc. beneath (and surrounding) your foundation rapidly absorbs large amounts of water. This creates a forced expansion of the soil, and your foundation will naturally shift and re-settle as a result.

Not only does your foundation feel the stress of this shifting, but your underground pipes do as well. As the soil expands, the movement can place powerful pressure on the pipes that rise through your foundation’s concrete slab. If these pipes rupture, you’ll want to contact your local slab leak repair service as quickly as possible.

How Do You Find a Water Leak Under a Slab?

The easiest way to spot water leaks is by looking for pooling water coming through cracks in your foundation. That’s reactive planning, however; the leak may be extensive by this point. The best way to identify the slab leak quickly is the check your water meter after each major rain. If your appliances are off but the water is still running, you have a leak somewhere.

Schedule Your Inspection and Foundation Repair

If your foundation has been badly damaged by shifting soil, call our team for lasting foundation repair in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. But we’d also love to help you bolster your foundation protection with foundation drainage installation, which directs rainwater away from your home. Call our team at 817-400-7625.