Foundation Protection: 3 Ways to Preserve Your Investment

Gutter System Next to Wall

A Healthy Gutter System Will Actually Protect Your Foundation! Be Sure to Occasionally Clean Them.

Did you know there are easy ways to preserve your home’s foundation? Most homeowners don’t even want to think about their home’s foundation, for fear that some unexpected damage will spring out of nowhere. The trust is: maintaining a health home has never been simpler. Here are three easy foundation protection tips to keep your investment safe.

Tip #1: Gutter Cleaning

This first tip has nothing to do with your foundation itself. Cleaning out your gutters is actually a great practice for extending the life of your roof as well. When your gutters get clogged, rain water can spill over the sides of your gutter system during a storm and seep into the ground next to your house. Excess water can drip into your slab, loosen the soil surrounding your home and eventually cause the ground to shift. This endangers your foundation, so be sure to clean out your gutters every so often.

Tip #2: Checking the Pipes

One of the most common causes of foundation damage is a simple burst pipe. When the ground shifts and puts pressure on your subterranean pipe system, the additional pressure can cause the pipes to burst. You’ll probably notice a drop in water pressure or (for particularly bad breaks) water starting to seep out of the ground. If a pipe beneath your house’s slab starts to leak, it can quickly start to erode surrounding rock. An occasional pluming inspection can help you keep tabs on your underground pipes, which in turn will help your foundation stay safe.

Tip #3: Scheduling Inspections

Inspections are still the number one tool for foundation protection. By keeping tabs on the health of your home’s foundation, your local experts can spot potential cracks and prevent damage before it ever requires repairs. It’s that simple.

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