Foundation Drainage Systems

home flooding

Heavy rains can lead to shifting foundation problems if you don’t have good drainage in place.

Are you worried that your home isn’t properly protected against foundation issues? If so, there are options you can consider, including foundation drainage systems. Today we will go over a few different ways that a foundation drainage system can be designed, as well as the different ways your property can benefit from top quality drainage.

Types of Foundation Drainage

There are several different foundation drain designs that are frequently used for residential home. All of the designs are made to effectively direct water away from your home’s foundation, and int a nearby area, such as the street, or a drainage ditch. One popular option is the french drain. French drains are designed as a trench that appears level with your yard, and is filled with piping and gravel. The water moves swiftly through the gravel and prevents necessary buildup or stagnant water. Other drainage options include specially designed gutters. Due to the essential nature of these foundation drainage systems, make sure to have them installed by trained professionals.

Why Do You Need A Foundation Drainage System?

Foundation damages often arise from issues with shifting soil. Shifting soil is often caused by an over saturation of water near the property. By relying on dependable drainage, you can prevent excessive shifting in the soil around your foundation. In turn, this can prevent unnecessary shifting of the soil.

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