What a Damaged Foundation Means for Your Home

Damaged Foundation

Avoid These 3 Terrible Consequences by Keeping Your Foundation Healthy!

A safe, healthy foundation is something that we all take for granted. When the integrity of your foundation suffers, your entire house often feels the effects. That’s why it’s so important for homeowners to schedule repairs quickly. Here are three potential problems you could face if you own a damaged foundation. 

Issue #1: Accelerated Erosion

Foundation damage begets even more foundation damage. When your underground slab is cracked, water and natural acids seep into the fissures and degrade the stone. Over time, this leads to even more severe issues with your foundation. If you suspect your slab has any significant cracks or leaks, call a professional as soon as you can and schedule repairs!

Issue #2: Ruptured Pipes

Your home has water lines that run under it and through your foundation. Since they are closely intertwined, shifting slab concrete may push up against your pipes and cause them to rupture. In the best-case scenario, the water leaks up outside of your home and into the yard. In unfortunate cases, water escapes into your flooring and inflicts expensive damage.

Issue #3: Collapsing Property

The absolute worst-case scenario created by a damaged foundation is a terrible property crisis. This could range from collapsed flooring to complete structural integrity failure. This is the outcome is usually the result of postponing foundation repair for too long or a traumatic earthquake.

If your home is sitting on top of a damaged foundation, it’s crucial that you get professional help as soon as possible. For information about foundation repairs or to schedule an inspection for your home, feel free to call our team at 817-400-7625!