Can Foundation issues be fixed?

crack in cinderblock foundation

How do you find a foundation leak?

The foundation of your home is important, it is what all other components of the structure rests upon. From the roof to the walls and flooring, the foundation is huge part of what keeps them stable and sturdy. So, when there is a foundation leak, repairs need to be made promptly and properly. 

In the past, when you had a foundation leak, repairs were expensive, invasive, and destructive to the yard and sometimes the flooring of the house. Today, how foundation repair is done isn’t as destructive and invasive. The job of foundation repair without digging is possible now, which saves the homeowner money by nothing having to redo their landscaping or replace flooring inside the home. 

A foundation leak is bad news and identifying the source of the leak is step number because if the leak source isn’t fixed, then the leak will continue. A few top by professionals that a homeowner can do in identifying the leak source so you can get the foundation leak repair completed:

  • Water Test: If there aren’t any visible cracks, a water test can help identify the point and only takes a garden house and a few minutes. Spray water on the outside of the foundation where you estimate the entry point is and see if any moisture appears inside your home. Let the water run and get the foundation saturated, patience is a must for this test to be successful. Is the floor wet? Are there dripping sounds? If so, you now know where the foundation leak repairs are needed and can advise the contractor you choose to work with for your foundation repairs. 
  • Tack Strip: If your home has carpeting, check the tack strips by pulling the carpeting back and see if the tack strips are discolored or rusted. 
  • Efflorescence: In an unfinished space or with an exposed foundation wall, a foundation leak is visible by any efflorescence left behind. A powdery white substance that evaporated water creates from the minerals and salt in the water. Any efflorescence around foundation cracks in an indicator of where you need foundation leak repair. 
  • The Perimeter: Where the floor and wall meet is a common area where water will enter through the foundation leak. Repairs are going to be more challenging, but needed because it isn’t only compromising the foundation, but the walls too. Your home’s entire structure is in danger of collapsing if foundation leak repair isn’t done soon. 

Can you fix a foundation leak from the inside?

The majority of any foundation leak repair work is performed on the exterior of a house, creating little to no disruption to the family’s routine. If the leak is a plumbing issue, there may be a need to do some repairs to the plumbing from the inside. However, there are minimal invasive technology that plumbers can repair those issues from the outside as well. 

How long does a foundation repair last?

Your home’s structural integrity depends on the foundation, and when the foundation is compromised, the entire structure is at risk. Here in Texas, the ground movement is always there, so foundations are moving too. The longevity of a foundation leak repair really is dependent on the job the contractor fulfills.

Choose a reliable contractor that offer a long-term solution to your foundation repair and waterproofing service along with these three factors:

  1. Lifetime warranty
  2. Good, solid track record with recent referrals
  3. Length of time in business

What happens if you don’t fix foundation problems?

As a homeowner, there are ongoing expenses and when you discover a foundation leak, repairing it is something you may be tempted to delay. Remember this is your most important investment that you’ll ever have, so taking care of it is necessary to maintain its value. Here is what can happen if you delay a foundation leak repair: 

  • Foundation Settles and Sinks: This is the first thing that will happen. Every foundation will move over time and begin to sink and become uneven. The floors will have humps, the doors and windows won’t close and open, meaning cool and heat are leaking in and out.
  • Insect and Rodent Infestations: A foundation leak repair delayed will allow the house to fall into disrepair. The cracks allow insects and rodents into your home and infest your home, bringing diseases and viruses with them, causing more damage to the structure.
  • Problem Plumbing: With the foundation leak repair ignored, the plumbing becomes vulnerable, creating more plumbing issues that can make the current foundation leak worse or cause a new foundation leak, repairs will become more extensive and expensive.
  • Mildew and Mold: When a foundation leak repair is ignored, mildew and mold begin to grow and eat the structure of your house. Additionally, your house becomes unhealthy for your family as they are breathing in the mildew and mold airborne spores. 
wall crack created by foundation

Does homeowners cover foundation repair?

Yes, if you’re going to have a huge expense like foundation leak repair, it would be nice to know your homeowner’s policy includes foundation repair insurance.  The determining factor will the cause of the foundation leak issues. If there has been destruction caused by a tornado, the reconstruction will likely be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Coverage may be allowed for the explosion, fire, and plumbing backups. 

The first thing to remember is that not all homeowner’s insurance companies offer the same coverage and every policy within those companies aren’t the same either. Your best source of information is your own policy and talking with your agent. Call 817-400-7625 today for your foundation leak repair in Dallas-Fort Worth Area, TX.