Getting Your Foundation Inspected

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to getting your foundation inspected. So many people are afraid to have it done because of what the cost is and if nothing is wrong, they have wasted that money. That isn’t always the case though. Companies like ours will be able to come out and do your inspection for free. That means you have absolutely nothing to lose and can worry less about the money and more about what is going on with your foundation.

When You Call

When you call and have someone out to look at your foundation, you will first schedule the appointment and then when they show up, you have nothing more to do. The inspector will walk all around your property and be looking for things like cracks in the cement and if there is water coming from somewhere or a gap where it shouldn’t be. Once the inspection is done, they will be able to provide you with detailed information and even a quote of what it will cost to have it repaired or replaced in some extreme cases. The best thing about having a free inspection is that you can ask as many questions as you want and it will give them an opportunity to explain to you what is going on or how this happened.

If you need to have a FREE foundation inspection, call Solid Rock Foundation Repair at 817-400-ROCK (7625) and we can help you.

Foundation Protection: 3 Ways to Preserve Your Investment

Gutter System Next to Wall

A Healthy Gutter System Will Actually Protect Your Foundation! Be Sure to Occasionally Clean Them.

Did you know there are easy ways to preserve your home’s foundation? Most homeowners don’t even want to think about their home’s foundation, for fear that some unexpected damage will spring out of nowhere. The trust is: maintaining a health home has never been simpler. Here are three easy foundation protection tips to keep your investment safe.

Tip #1: Gutter Cleaning

This first tip has nothing to do with your foundation itself. Cleaning out your gutters is actually a great practice for extending the life of your roof as well. When your gutters get clogged, rain water can spill over the sides of your gutter system during a storm and seep into the ground next to your house. Excess water can drip into your slab, loosen the soil surrounding your home and eventually cause the ground to shift. This endangers your foundation, so be sure to clean out your gutters every so often.

Tip #2: Checking the Pipes

One of the most common causes of foundation damage is a simple burst pipe. When the ground shifts and puts pressure on your subterranean pipe system, the additional pressure can cause the pipes to burst. You’ll probably notice a drop in water pressure or (for particularly bad breaks) water starting to seep out of the ground. If a pipe beneath your house’s slab starts to leak, it can quickly start to erode surrounding rock. An occasional pluming inspection can help you keep tabs on your underground pipes, which in turn will help your foundation stay safe.

Tip #3: Scheduling Inspections

Inspections are still the number one tool for foundation protection. By keeping tabs on the health of your home’s foundation, your local experts can spot potential cracks and prevent damage before it ever requires repairs. It’s that simple.

For more tips on foundation protection, or to schedule repairs for your home, talk to one of our courteous professionals at Solid Rock Foundation Repair. You can reach us at 817-400-7625.

Having Your House Leveled

Your home is built on a foundation that is supposed to last for a very long time. Usually, there aren’t ever any issues while you live there, especially if the home is newer. That being said, older homes, especially ones that have been built around the 1920’s, have a tendency to move around over time. This is nothing that anyone did wrong, it is just the way that the ground moves over time. Over time, the ground underneath your slab will begin to move due to weather, time, erosion, and many other factors. The house will also start to wear and because of those things, you may need to have your house leveled.

What Can Happen

When your home begins to slide or become uneven, it can start to cause damage to the inside of your house. If the foundation is not sturdy and level, the walls in your home can begin to crack right in front of you. It can also cause problems to your drainage and plumbing systems as well.

Can It Be Leveled?

When this kind of thing is happening to you, there is something that can be done. A house leveling could be the answer you have been looking for. It is important that when you begin to notice this happening, that you call a professional right away to get it taken care of before more damage is done. Although this process can be rather expensive, it is something that must be done or your house will not function as it should and will become hazardous to live in.

If your home seems to appear uneven or you know that you need your house leveled, give Solid Rock Foundation Repair a call at (817) 400-7625 and we will be happy to go over everything with you.

Foundation Drainage Systems

home flooding

Heavy rains can lead to shifting foundation problems if you don’t have good drainage in place.

Are you worried that your home isn’t properly protected against foundation issues? If so, there are options you can consider, including foundation drainage systems. Today we will go over a few different ways that a foundation drainage system can be designed, as well as the different ways your property can benefit from top quality drainage.

Types of Foundation Drainage

There are several different foundation drain designs that are frequently used for residential home. All of the designs are made to effectively direct water away from your home’s foundation, and int a nearby area, such as the street, or a drainage ditch. One popular option is the french drain. French drains are designed as a trench that appears level with your yard, and is filled with piping and gravel. The water moves swiftly through the gravel and prevents necessary buildup or stagnant water. Other drainage options include specially designed gutters. Due to the essential nature of these foundation drainage systems, make sure to have them installed by trained professionals.

Why Do You Need A Foundation Drainage System?

Foundation damages often arise from issues with shifting soil. Shifting soil is often caused by an over saturation of water near the property. By relying on dependable drainage, you can prevent excessive shifting in the soil around your foundation. In turn, this can prevent unnecessary shifting of the soil.

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Steps of the Foundation Repair Process

As a homeowner, you might already know the signs of foundation problems. However, what happens if you’re suddenly faced with them? Do you know how the process of foundation repair will go? You know you need to find someone to repair your foundation, and that you need to be able to trust their repairs, as well as their prices. Here is some basic information on the foundation repair process.

Foundation Examination

Man Inspecting Foundation Damage

Let Us Handle the Foundation Repair Process

A professional foundation consultant will need to come to your home and examine the damage. To do this, that person will need some understanding of the home’s overall structure. In addition to visible damage, your foundation expert will consider unseen damage and search for signs of that, too. Using that information, this person will calculate and create a diagram so that you can better understand what damage you’re seeing. If the cause of the damage hasn’t been clear to you, you should also find this out during inspection.

Foundation Repair Plan

Using this information, your professional will then formulate a plan for repair. That plan will include stabilization; whether you get a new foundation or repair the old one, it will have to be leveled in such a way that will defend against future, similar problems. This plan will be discussed with you.

Then, the repairs can begin. In some cases, the foundation repair process might not be as long, or as expensive as you might fear. It’s essential to get a thorough understanding of what will happen prior to letting the repairs begin. So, never be afraid to ask questions.

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Why You Should Fix Your Foundation Damage Right Away


Foundation Damage

Foundation Damage Can Be Scary, but We Are Here to Help!

There are many different signs that your foundation is in desperate need of a repair. In a separate blog post, we go over all of those signs, but once you notice those, what next steps should you take? A foundation problem can sound very intimidating. They can be expensive and lengthy if you don’t do your homework ahead of time. We want to get your foundation back to the way it should be and help it be the easiest process possible. It is important that as soon as you notice the signs of foundation damage, you call us out to get it looked at, here’s why.


Reasons to Fix the Damage

Time: The more time that passes on a foundation problem, the worse off and more expensive that it is going to be. The problem is that the foundation controls a lot more than you think. When it starts to move, it causes damage to things like drywall and even plumbing. The sooner you spot it, the quicker we can stop it.

Homes move: What we mean by this is that during every season, a home will move with the changing environment. During the hotter months the foundation moves down, and during the wet cold months, the ground swells up. If you don’t have the proper repairs, it can cause even more damage to the rest of your home.

Are you moving?: If you plan to move anytime soon, you will want to have the home inspected for any kind of foundation damage, before the new owners have it inspected and put off your home buying process. If damage is found, they may back out, or have to wait to buy the home from you.

All of these and more are reasons why you need to get your home’s foundation fixed right away. These are not problems that will go away if ignored, they will only get worse, and more expensive. Call us today at 817-400-7625 and we will be happy to help by answering questions or having someone out to inspect your home for you.

Everything You Need To Know About Home Foundation Inspections

Are you concerned that your home may have a problem with its foundation? If you’ve noticed cracks in your walls, shifted door frames, or anything else out of the ordinary, this is a very real possibility, and catching it early on is one of the best things you can do. To catch it early, obviously keep an eye out for such warning signs, and when you do see them, be sure to give a foundation expert such as ourselves a call, and we can perform a thorough inspection. Today we will go over the traditional foundation inspection process, to give you an idea of what to expect.

Meet & Discuss

foundation inspection

When you see this, it’s time for a foundation inspection!

The first thing we do is meet with you to discuss the items you’ve noticed, that gave you reason to call. Additionally, we will ask you a few questions regarding other symptoms of foundation damage, to see if there is anything else we specifically need to watch for first.

Walk Through

After we’ve spoken with you, we will begin our inspection with a walk through. First we will examine the areas you brought to our attention, and then we will search for other signs of damage. We will take different measurements, and thoroughly examine your home’s piers, joints, and beams.


After we have finished examining any problem areas, we will determine if repairs are necessary at this time. In some cases, the cracks are only a cosmetic issue, and may not need repairs. In other cases, a home can be sunk between an inch and six inches, and need repair sooner rather than later.

To learn more, or to get started, give us a call today at 817-400-7625! We offer professional and affordable foundation repair in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, and we look forward to serving you!

Benefits of Pier and Beam Foundations

Pier and Beam Foundations

In the Event of a Flood, a Pier and Beam Foundation Can Protect Your Home.

Once upon a time, pier and beam foundations represented the norm among houses. Though not as popular as before, these elevated types of foundations remain widespread. For parts of the country prone to heavy rain and floods, pier and beam foundations still appear quite often. If you have considered pier and beam for your own home, keep the following advantages in mind.

Protection From Floods

Since a pier and beam foundation elevates a home off the ground, it can provide excellent protection in the event of a flood. Instead of floodwater rushing directly into your home, it must first rise enough to overcome the height of the foundation. Since pier and beam foundations generally elevate a home in excess of two feet, this represents no small amount of security.

Less Expensive Repairs

The foundations in most homes will eventually need some form of repair. This happens thanks to natural shifts in the ground beneath the foundation, and can become more pressing of an issue thanks to heavy rainfall or improperly compacted soil. Though concrete slabs are generally cheaper to install, pier and beam become cheaper to fix over time.

Access to Plumbing

The plumbing for a pier and beam foundation exists right in the crawlspace beneath the house. This allows a plumber easier access in the event of repairs. It also prevents against the need for expensive, disruptive digging.

At Solid Rock Foundation Repair, we service both concrete slab and pier and beam foundations in Fort Worth, TX. The time you need repairs or an inspection, give us a call at 817-400-7625.

Signs of Poor Foundation Drainage

Downspout Drainage

Downspouts Overflowing From Rainfall Can Create Excess Water In Your Basement

The difference between a minor drainage problem, and a major one, can be thousands of dollars. It’s important to locate problems like this before they get out of hand. Solid Rock Foundation Repair offers foundation drainage services to residents of D/FW. We can help you with every aspect of your foundation. If you are worried that an expensive problem could be on the horizon, look for these signs of poor foundation drainage:

Foundation Cracks

You may see a minor crack in your home’s foundation. Sometimes, this can be wear and tear and not lead to further damage. However, if the crack grows larger, it is a tell tale sign of drainage problems in your foundation. In a case like this, a full structural inspection will be required to determine the subsequent course of action.

Gutter Irregularity

If the water streaming from your gutter resembles a waterfall, you are likely having drainage problems. But you don’t have to wait until it gets to that point. Examine your gutters for mud and dirt buildup on the exterior. Additionally, look for chipped paint and any other sign of structural damage to your gutter system.

Overflowing Downspout

If your downspout is overflowing with water, you are putting your foundation in serious jeopardy. Excessive water flow can infiltrate the basement of your home, and cause water damage to your foundation. In addition, it can ruin flooring, as well as furniture being stored in your basement. Call 817-400-7625 for foundation drainage services.

When Foundation Cracks Cause Problems

While most homeowners know that foundation cracks aren’t a good thing, a great number have no idea why. Foundation cracks can be only signs of settling within the soil, or they can be signs of many serious problems with your home. Your foundation provides substantial support for your home, and when it is compromised, multiple issues could arise.

Uneven Floors

When your foundation is shifted, it can cause the floors in your home to be uneven, causing door and window issues along with a shabby look. It can also inhibit windows from fully closing, allowing insects and rain inside.

Plumbing Problems

Problems in your foundation can easily lead to plumbing problems due to the fact that your home’s lines are run in the foundation concrete. A shifting foundation can cause leaks, backups or even breaks in the lines that will likely need foundation removal in some spaces. There is also a good chance that broken or leaking pipes could cause your basement or bottom level to flood, causing considerable damage to your home.

Joints and Supports

A cracking or shifted foundation can lead to extra pressure on support beams and walls, as well as secondary walls that could cause chipping or flaking of wall plaster and paint, and can even cause collapsing within the home.

Insect and Critter Entry

Cracks within your foundation work like any other opening to your home, allowing passage through the concrete. Insects and other small critters like lizards, mice, and even snakes can get through large cracks and locations where the concrete is beginning to crumble to live, lay eggs, or find food.

Many problems can arise from foundation cracks and damages. Don’t put off foundation repair. If you have noticed a wider-than-normal crack or crumbling concrete in your foundation, call the experts at Solid Rock Foundation Repair to help.