Benefits of Pier and Beam Foundations

Pier and Beam Foundations

In the Event of a Flood, a Pier and Beam Foundation Can Protect Your Home.

Once upon a time, pier and beam foundations represented the norm among houses. Though not as popular as before, these elevated types of foundations remain widespread. For parts of the country prone to heavy rain and floods, pier and beam foundations still appear quite often. If you have considered pier and beam for your own home, keep the following advantages in mind.

Protection From Floods

Since a pier and beam foundation elevates a home off the ground, it can provide excellent protection in the event of a flood. Instead of floodwater rushing directly into your home, it must first rise enough to overcome the height of the foundation. Since pier and beam foundations generally elevate a home in excess of two feet, this represents no small amount of security.

Less Expensive Repairs

The foundations in most homes will eventually need some form of repair. This happens thanks to natural shifts in the ground beneath the foundation, and can become more pressing of an issue thanks to heavy rainfall or improperly compacted soil. Though concrete slabs are generally cheaper to install, pier and beam become cheaper to fix over time.

Access to Plumbing

The plumbing for a pier and beam foundation exists right in the crawlspace beneath the house. This allows a plumber easier access in the event of repairs. It also prevents against the need for expensive, disruptive digging.

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