Steps of the Foundation Repair Process

As a homeowner, you might already know the signs of foundation problems. However, what happens if you’re suddenly faced with them? Do you know how the process of foundation repair will go? You know you need to find someone to repair your foundation, and that you need to be able to trust their repairs, as well as their prices. Here is some basic information on the foundation repair process.

Foundation Examination

Man Inspecting Foundation Damage

Let Us Handle the Foundation Repair Process

A professional foundation consultant will need to come to your home and examine the damage. To do this, that person will need some understanding of the home’s overall structure. In addition to visible damage, your foundation expert will consider unseen damage and search for signs of that, too. Using that information, this person will calculate and create a diagram so that you can better understand what damage you’re seeing. If the cause of the damage hasn’t been clear to you, you should also find this out during inspection.

Foundation Repair Plan

Using this information, your professional will then formulate a plan for repair. That plan will include stabilization; whether you get a new foundation or repair the old one, it will have to be leveled in such a way that will defend against future, similar problems. This plan will be discussed with you.

Then, the repairs can begin. In some cases, the foundation repair process might not be as long, or as expensive as you might fear. It’s essential to get a thorough understanding of what will happen prior to letting the repairs begin. So, never be afraid to ask questions.

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