When Foundation Cracks Cause Problems

While most homeowners know that foundation cracks aren’t a good thing, a great number have no idea why. Foundation cracks can be only signs of settling within the soil, or they can be signs of many serious problems with your home. Your foundation provides substantial support for your home, and when it is compromised, multiple issues could arise.

Uneven Floors

When your foundation is shifted, it can cause the floors in your home to be uneven, causing door and window issues along with a shabby look. It can also inhibit windows from fully closing, allowing insects and rain inside.

Plumbing Problems

Problems in your foundation can easily lead to plumbing problems due to the fact that your home’s lines are run in the foundation concrete. A shifting foundation can cause leaks, backups or even breaks in the lines that will likely need foundation removal in some spaces. There is also a good chance that broken or leaking pipes could cause your basement or bottom level to flood, causing considerable damage to your home.

Joints and Supports

A cracking or shifted foundation can lead to extra pressure on support beams and walls, as well as secondary walls that could cause chipping or flaking of wall plaster and paint, and can even cause collapsing within the home.

Insect and Critter Entry

Cracks within your foundation work like any other opening to your home, allowing passage through the concrete. Insects and other small critters like lizards, mice, and even snakes can get through large cracks and locations where the concrete is beginning to crumble to live, lay eggs, or find food.

Many problems can arise from foundation cracks and damages. Don’t put off foundation repair. If you have noticed a wider-than-normal crack or crumbling concrete in your foundation, call the experts at Solid Rock Foundation Repair to help.