3 Reasons That Your Home Has An Uneven Foundation

Is Your Foundation Shifting?

Everyone knows that a firm foundation is the most important part of any structure. A damaged foundation can leave you with structural damage throughout your home, but there are different types of foundation damage. Today we will discuss uneven foundations, and what causes them. If you are noticing cracks on your walls or ceilings, or doors that no longer open and close properly, you may have a shifted foundation. An uneven foundation can even cause plumbing problems, such as slow drainage and backed-up pipes. ¬†Over time, your home’s foundation will settle underneath the weight of your house, and in that settling period, your roof can run into problems.

Changes in Soil

Certain types of soil are known as expansive soils, that expand and shrink in different weather conditions. With these kinds of soils, the rainy and dry seasons can cause the soil to shift, and your foundation can shift with it. Recent heavy rains or extended drought can sometimes bring about more rapid shifts in your foundation.

Improper Backfilling

In some cases, the soil beneath a house may have been improperly backfilled. In these cases, the foundation will shift and the house will likely experience large cracks.

Tree Roots

Wayward tree roots can cause quite a few problems on your property, from busted sidewalks to broken waterlines. In fact, tree roots can even take water from the soil beneath your foundation, and cause the soil to shift and leave your foundation vulnerable to shifting as well.

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