Foundation Repair Services

Your home is your most important investment. Solid Rock Foundation Repair understands how important it is to have a solid, stable foundation. We also understand the importance of maintaining the soil and vegetation around the your home to keep future shifting at a minimum so we offer a full range of foundation repair services.

During your estimate we will determine the cause of your foundation shifting. A minor amount of shifting is normal, however if it is extensive, the root cause is most often improper soil moisture. This can be caused by a plumbing leak or improper drainage.

If we suspect a plumbing leak we will recommend you contact a plumber to have that evaluated and repaired if needed. If we note improper drainage, we offer drainage solutions to minimize future problems. We can even install soaker hoses to help you make certain your foundation has the needed amount of moisture.

If the cause is tree roots we offer root barriers to help alleviate the issue. Vegetation can also play a role and we can show you plants and bushes that can draw moisture away from your foundation.

We provide foundation repair service for the entire Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. We offer no-cost estimates for home owners. To schedule your estimate for a home that needs repair or for an ongoing maintenance program, please call us at (817) 400-7625. Preventative measures can help you save a lot of money in the future!

As Foundation Repair Experts, We Specialize in:

  • Concrete Piers
  • Steel Piers
  • Pier & Beam
  • Root Barriers
  • Drainage
  • Foundation Inspections