Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have a foundation issue?
You may see tell-tale signs such as drywall cracks, doors or windows that do not open and close properly. You may discover cracks in brick and/or mortar. The best way to know if you have an issue is to have a trained estimator take measurements of your foundation to determine if there is truly any foundation shifting.
How long does it take?
Our estimators will take approximately one to one and a half hours to evaluate your property. He or she will take measurements, draw a diagram of your home and record any shifting on the diagram. If we determine repairs are needed, we will discuss this with you, give you options, answer your questions and, most importantly, give you time to decide.
Do I need to be present for the inspection?
Yes. The estimator will need access to both the inside of your home and the outside perimeter.
How do you determine what needs to be done?
Our estimators will take extensive measurements with equipment that can measure foundation shifting within a fraction of an inch. If the shifting is significant shifting we will determine where the shifting has occurred and recommend pier placement in order to bring your home back to level and deter future shifting.
When is the best time of year to have my repair done?
It doesn’t matter what time of year. We work year round. In the event of heavy rainfall or ice we may need to postpone your job for a day or so to protect the health and safety of our employees.
Do you have insurance?
Yes, we carry a general liability insurance policy. A copy can be provided upon request.
How do I know I can trust you with my home?
The founders of our company have 20 years and 14 years experience respectively. Solid Rock has existed approximately 10 years and we have a BBB rating of A+ and over 4.5 star rating on HomeAdvisor.com We understand your home is your most important asset and we treat your home like we would want our homes to be treated.
Do I get a warranty?
Absolutely. We offer a transferable lifetime warranty on slab foundation repairs and an 18 month transferable warranty on pier and beam repairs. These warranties are fully transferable to future owners should you sell your home.
How long does a repair take?
Most repairs are completed in 1-2 days. Depending on the extent of repairs needed, we may take extra time to ensure everything is completed correctly.
What about my landscaping?
In general, we do not disturb your landscaping. There are times we may need to temporarily uproot plants. If we need to uproot landscaping we do all we can to ensure its survival, but unfortunately we cannot make that guarantee.
Will foundation leveling close all my drywall and brick cracks?
The cracks you see are a symptom of the shifting. Sometimes when we lift the foundation back to a more level state we do see some cracks close. It is impossible to determine if a particular crack will close. You may actually see new cracks appear when we lift because we are moving your home back to level. We recommend waiting at least 30 to 45 days before repairing any cracks to allow your home to settle into it’s releveled position.
Will this damage my plumbing?
It is possible that your plumbing has been already damaged by the shifting. Or, by lifting your home it is possible that stress fractures can occur. We recommend a plumbing test after your job is completed to ensure the integrity of your plumbing.